Fitting Services

You may have already purchased your kitchen or bedroom units from another supplier or DIY store and if this is the case we can help out with as much or as little of the fitting as you need.

We can, of course, carry out a full fitting service from start to finish and we are confident that our price will beat that for the installation costs quoted by the major national retailers. This was recently confirmed by a customer who had been quoted more than double what we would charge for installation of their kitchen by one of the national DIY stores!

Alternatively you may be happy to do some of the installation work yourselves but may lack the specialist tools and experience to carry out tasks like worktop mitre's, installation of solid surface tops and the fitting of cornice and pelmet mouldings etc. Again we are happy to quote for these items and give advice on your installation.

If you have not yet ordered your kitchen / bedroom it may pay you to ask us for a quote for the supply of the units, we are often cheaper when compared to the DIY stores and the Caple units that we use are of a higher quality, for example these units are 18mm rather than 15mm found from some suppliers and feature rigid back panels (18mm on base units and 9mm on wall and tall units). When compared to the thin hardboard backs found on many other suppliers units these give a far higher strength to the carcase itself and they will never become detached from the unit after installation which leads to problems with items falling into the void below the cabinets, it is nearly impossible to repair a carcase like this without removing it from the kitchen which is a difficult process, prevention is certainly better than cure!

One other luxury feature of our cabinets is that the board is fully colour coordinated with the door chosen, both inside and out (though not on the Black and Burgundy colour which feature an attractive brushed silver finish carcase), most of the DIY stores offer only a white carcase which has to be dressed with matching panels on the exposed ends but still shows exposed white areas around doors etc. and inside when the door is opened, it really is much nicer to see the same colour inside and out and is the mark of a really good quality kitchen. It is also possible to mix and match these if required, for example a Cream or White colour door can look quite effective mounted on a darker finish cabinet such as an Oak or Walnut effect for a striking contrast.

The units also feature a soft close door and draw as standard though these can be downgraded to standard hinges and draw boxes if cost is paramount.

Again we are happy to design the layout for you or simply email us your DIY store design and list of units and accessories and we can price them for you and email you back, you have nothing to lose and could get a better quality kitchen for a lower price! You can ask us for a fitting cost if required though we are happy to supply units for you to fit yourselves or just do some of the "fiddly" bits as above! Any online price for fitting would be subject to a free, no obligation site visit to confirm the costs once a visual inspection of the room has been made to identify any special requirements that may not be shown on the plan.